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Yeray was born and raised in Germany by spanish immigrants who came to Germany in the late 60´s.

Since he was a little kid he has been surrounded and inspired by virtuoso musicians amongst his family and the sunny andalusian traditions. At the Age of 9 he received his very first acoustic guitar which opened the door for Flamenco and Latin music.

In 2010 he discovered Jazz and therefore he decided to take lessons for the first time by greats as Sasan Azodi & Alex de Macedo.

In 2016 he succesfully finished the studies at the renowned Conservatory of Maastricht (Netherlands) where he received lessons from greats such as Joachim Schoenecker, Jan Formannoy, Joep van Leeuwen, Jan Nobbe, Leon Lhoest and many more.

He is active through all of Europe and is known for his versatility in musical genres next to several albums he appeared on + TV. One of his main destinations is to teach others the power of music.

Yeray is currently working on his first solorecord which will be a compound of all his musical influences. It takes the time it needs, so stay tuned =)

Yeray is currently active in these bands: